Project: Requirements Index for Information Processing in Hospitals
Project team: Elske Ammenwerth, Anke Buchauer, Reinhold Haux (Leader)
Time span: 1998 - 2001
Cooperation partner: A group of subject experts from the area: health care information systems. The construction of requirements index was funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under grant HA 1438/12-1. The requirements index has been adopted by the DFG's Computing Facilities Committee in Februar 2001.

No reference models for the adequate description of typical structures of information processing in hospitals exist. This leads to the fact that increased expenses evolve during the designing of information processing in general (e.g. framework, total IT concept) and during the selection of software products.


Developing a requirements specification catalogue for information processing in a hospital. The catalog should contain core criteria for information processing. Various technologies and possible infrastructures should be taken into account.


The internal framework of the requirements specification catalog was constructed through communication with experts, through literature analyses and the analysis of currently available requirements specifications catalogs. The first draft was then discussed by a committee of experts in a cyclical process and then repeatedly reworked.


The requirements specification catalog for information processing has been available in both German and English since 2001, containing 233 functional requirements and 102 function-independent requirements. It provides benchmarks for information processing in a hospital and therefore supports the systematic management of hospital information systems.

Discussion: The index of requirements contains general information processing requirements in hospitals which are formulated independent of information processing tools, or of HIS architectures. It aims at supporting HIS management, especially HIS strategic planning, HIS evaluation, and tender processes. The index can be regarded as a draft, which must, however, be refined according to the specific aims of a particular project. Although focused on German needs, we expect that it can also be useful in other countries. The high amount of interest shown for the index supports its usefulness.
Selected publications:

Ammenwerth E, Buchauer A, Haux R. A Requirements Index for Information Processing in Hospitals. Methods of Information in Medicine 2002; 41 (4): 282-8.

Haux R, Ammenwerth E, Buchauer A. Anforderungskatalog für die Informationsverarbeitung im Krankenhaus. das krankenhaus 2001; 6/2001: 502-503.

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Requirements Index for Information Processing in Hospitals, Version 1.0b, February 2002 (PDF, 257 KB)

Excel-Sheet of the Requirements Index for Information Processing in Hospitals, Version 1.0b, February 2002 (ZIP, 530KB)

Anforderungskatalog für die Informationsverarbeitung im Krankenhaus, Version 1.0b, Januar 2001 (PDF, 388 KB)

Excel-Tabelle für den Anforderungskatalog, Version 1.0a, Januar 2001 (ZIP, 467 KB)

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