Evaluation of an Advanced Image Management System (AIM)



Project team:

Elske Ammenwerth (Leader), Frieda Kaiser



Time span:

2002 - 2003



Cooperation partner:

TILAK, Department for Information Management (Dr. Raimund Vogl)
icoserve information technologies GmbH (Markus Schwab)




Advanced Image Management (AIM) has been implemented at the Innsbruck University Medical Center since about 2001. AIM provides the possibility of multimedia digital documentation and partial processing of medical images (e.g. x-ray, CT, MR, ultrasound) and signals (e.g. ECG, EEG). Some results (as images) are also saved. AIM is to become a central archival and distribution solution for all TILAK medical image data. The is currently no information available about the exact changes and about the opinions of users. A study should therefore be carried out In order to obtain information on the use of AIM and in order to justify costs related to implementation.




Description of the effects of AIM on the involved units and assessment by the users. With regard to this, Phase 1 will first focus on the image generating settings.




A represenative sample of about 120 users from 5 units will be questioned in a cross-sectional study with a standardized and validated questionnaire. The gathering of information usually takes place approximately 6 months following the implementation of AIM. The questioning is complemented by process analyses and observations in selected units.




Gathering of information begins in Mai 2003.



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