ESF Explorative Workhop on
New Approaches to the Systematic Evaluation
of Health Information Systems

Organizers Elske Ammenwerth, Karl-Peter Pfeiffer, Gudrun Hübner-Bloder, Frieda Kaiser
Funding European Science Foundation, Exploratory Workshop Programme
Date Innsbruck, April 4th - 6th, 2003
Goal of this worksohp
  • To foster discussion and exchange on methodological and practical evaluation issues between researchers from different traditions.
  • To create a European network on evaluation research methods and practice.
  • To initiate a combined agenda on a European level and to discuss future activities (workshops, congresses, journals, EU projects, assessment studies etc.).
Participants 23 researchers from 10 European countries participated in this unique event: Jos Aarts, Elske Ammenwerth, Andrea Berghold, Marie-Catherine Beuscart-Zephir, Jytte Brender, Thomas Bürkle, Martina Deibl, Martin Denz, Nina Eminovic, Rolf Holle, Mathew Jones, Joe Liu, Christian Nohr, Pirkko Nykanen, Ulrich Prokosch, Michael Rigby, Cornelia Ruland, Heike Sander, Nikki Shaw, Arjen Stoop, Jan Talmon, Vivian Vimarlund, Jeremy Wyatt.

You can find more information on programme and results here.


Time schedule on activities from April 2003 up to September 2004 (Medinfo 2004), comprising activities such as

  • to develop an Innsbruck evaluation network to promote further communication
  • to develop an evaluation web portal
  • to develop guidelines on reporting of evaluation studies (STARE-HI)
  • to develop guidelines on doing evaluation studies (GEP-HI)
  • to organize tutorials and workshops at various conferences
Selected publications

Declaration of Innsbruck - Results from the European Science Foundation Sponsored Workshop on Systematic Evaluation of Health Information Systems (HIS-EVAL), April 4 - 6th, 2003. Published in: Ammenwerth E, Brender J, Nykanen P, Prokosch HU, Rigby M, Talmon J, et al. Visions and strategies to improve evaluation of health information systems; Reflections and lessons based on the HIS-EVAL workshop in Innsbruck. Int J Med Inf. 2004 Jun 30;73(6):479-91.

Ammenwerth E. Die Evaluation von Informationssystemen des Gesundheitswesens. Eingeladener Hauptvortrag im Symposium "Bewertung von Informationssystemen" auf dem 03 Kongress, 16. - 17.10.03, Universität Irchel, Zürich.

Ammenwerth E, Denz M. Empfehlungen für Evaluationsstudien von Informationssystemen im Gesundheitswesen. Schweizerische Ärztezeitung 2003; 84 (39): 2030 - 2031.

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