Project: Development of a monitoring system for the quality of a hospital information system
Project team: Elske Ammenwerth, Frauke Ehlers, Bernhard Hirsch, Gordon Gratl
Time span: 2003 - 2006
Cooperation partner: Information Technology for Healthcare (ITH)
Tyrolean Provincial Hospitals (TILAK)

All in all, the monitoring of hospital information systems is a fundamental task of information management with great significance with regard to the quality of information processing. Up to now, however, this task has been inadequately supported by appropriate quality checklists and aids, especially with regard to the assessment of the quality of a hospital information system. The goal of this project flows from this.


A quality checklist as well as concrete aids for assessing the quality of hospital information systems are being developed. The application of the checklist should be supported by a computer-based tool, which enables the gathering, saving, preparing and representing of the quality measurement. The checklist and the tool will be systematically be tested (evaluation) on hand of a practical project. The testing should check the applicability, completeness and use of the checklist and tool.


The monitoring system is based on intensive literature search and organized to a matrix, crossing quality criteria for HIS with process steps of patient care.


The monitoring system, consisting of a questionnaire and a tool, was evaluated in a field study in Innsbruck with around 100 nurses. Results indicate the feasibility of the chosen approach.

Selected publications:

Final report of the project (in German)

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