Project: In-Patient, Home & Mobile Monitoring
Project team: Elske Ammenwerth, Samrend Saboor, Christa Them, Eva Schulc, Friedrich Hanser, Friedrich Lukowicz, et al.
Time span: 2006 - 2009
Cooperation partner: Institute for Nursing Sciences (UMIT)
Research Division for Pervasive Healthcare Systems

Epilepsy, with a prevalence of 0.5 - 1.0% , can be assumed to be one of the most common chronic diseases. Epilepsy patients suffer from decreased quality of life. This is mostly due to the significant characteristic of epilepsy which is the occurrence of paroxysmal seizures. Such seizures occur without any warning and cause a total loss of the affected patients over their bodies for several minutes.

Objectives: Development of a comprehensive accelerometer-based system for the convenient yet robust acquisition and analysis of epileptic seizure motion data.

The system was developed based on requirements that were collected using a combined approach of literature review and qualitative expert interviews. Mainly open-source solutions were applied allowing for a cost-efficient development process. We chose the motion sensor ADXL 330 from Analog Devices that is used in the controller of the gaming console Nintendo Wii®, also called WiiRemote®. The characteristics of the WiiRemote are promising for a first prototype, as it is cheap and easily available.


A motion data acquisition interface was implemented that is able to simultaneously acquire the motion data of several WiiRemotes® that are con-nected via Bluetooth. A data analysis system was developed that provides the user with an adequate visual representation of the motion data and also possibilities to manipulate this data with basic mathematical functions.

At the moment, real data from four epileptic seizures have been gathered by the prototype. This data is just being analysed.

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