Evaluation of the Austrian eMedication pilot project

Funding: ELGA GmbH
Duration: April 2011 - March 2012
Partner Medical University Vienna (Prof. Wolfgang Dorda)
Project members at UMIT

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Werner Hackl, Alexander Hörbst, Martin Jung


Medication errors and resulting Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) are an important issue of global healthcare. The Austrian eMedication pilot project aims at improving medication safety by electronic documentation and communication of all prescriptions issued in the outpatient area in Austria.

In a pilot project that started in spring 2011, around 100 general physicians, 50 pharmacies and several hospitals use eMedication to document and exchange prescription information. The particpants come from three pilot regions: Vienna (21st and 22nd area), Tirol (Reutte, Imst, Landeck) and Upper-Austria (Wels, Grieskirchen, Eferding). This pilot project is monitored by an evaluation project.


The objective of this evaluation project is to evaluate the eMedication pilot project, with special focus on the following questions:

  • How is the user acceptance of the participating physicians, pharmacists, hospitals and patients?
  • Does eMedication help to improve medication/patient safety?
  • What should be improved from a technical or organizational point of view?

1. Systematic analysis of eMedication log data (responsible partner: Medical University Vienna)

2. Systematic, standardized surveys of physicians, pharamcists and patients (responsible partner: UMIT)


On May 10th, 2012, the final report was presented to the press. For more details, see the press archive.

Detailed evaluaiton report (in German) is available at: or directly at


Website on eMedication by SVC (in German)

Presentation on eMedication by SVC (in German)


Ammenwerth E, Duftschmid G, Gall W, Hackl WO, Hoerbst A, Janzek-Hawlat S, Jeske M, Jung M, Woertz K, Dorda W. A nationwide computerized patient medication history: Evaluation of the Austrian pilot project "e-Medikation". Int J Med Inform 2014; 83: 655-669.

Dorda W, Duftschmid G, Gall W, Janzek S, Ammenwerth E, Hackl W, Hörbst A, Jung M, Woertz K. Pilotprojekt e-Medikation: Abschlussbericht der Evaluierung. Wien: 2012.


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