Project: Evaluation Inventory
Project team: Elske Ammenwerth, Nicolette de Keizer (Academic Medical Center Amsterdam)
Time span: since 2004
Cooperation partner: Dept. of Medical Informatics, University of Amsterdam

Evaluation research in health informatics has made great further developments in the last years. Technological developments as well as growing demands for cost-benefit estimations of information technology have lead to numerous methodical and practical further developments.


To develop an open repository of published health IT evaluation studies.


Systematic literature review based on PubMed.


The open repository is available at at It is regularly updated and now collects around 1.850 evaluation studies. In 2009, a data acquisition interface was developed, allowing users from all ower the world to enter evaluation studies.

Selected publications:

Ammenwerth E, de Keizer N. An inventory of evaluation studies of information technology in health care: Trends in evaluation research 1982 - 2002. Methods of Information in Medicine. 2005;44:44-56.

de Keizer N, Ammenwerth E. The effects and quality of IT evaluation studies: Trends in 1982 - 2002. In: Friedman CP, Ash J, Tarczy-Hornoch P (Hrsg.): American Medical Informatics Association 2005 Proceedings - Biomedical and Heatlh Informatics: From Foundations to Applications to Policy.Oct 22-26 2005, Washington DC. p. 186-190.

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