Project: From Electronic Documentation to Evidence Based Nursing:
Creating Data Marts and an Nursing Intelligence System for Analysis, Evaluation and Improvement of Processes in Patient Care
Project team: Werner Hackl, Beate Czegka, Franz Rauchegger (Tirol Kliniken, Nursing Informatics)
Time span: 2009 - 2020
Cooperation partner:

Tirol Kliniken, Nursing Management Board - Nursing Informatics


A comprehensive electronic nursing documentation system has been established over the last years in the hospitals of TILAK (Tyrolean federal hospitals). This system covers all phases of the nursing process and therefore produces an enormous amount of highly structured data. In the past these data had been used basically for patient care and documentation purposes. In order to be able to reuse these routine data for manifold purposes we used a data warehousing approach and established a comprehensive data repository, a so called nursing data mart (NDM), to aggregate and reorganize the routine nursing data. We also designed and implemented a nursing intelligence system for comprehensive analyses of these data.


+ Development of a repository of nursing data which aggregates and reorganizes routine nursing data for reuse purposes: Nursing Data Mart (NDM).
+ Development of a platform which allows for comprehensive analysis of data in the NDM: Nursing Intelligence System (NIS).
+ Identification of useful information and deduction of new knowledge for improvements of processes in patient care.

Selected publications:

Werner O. Hackl. Erschließung und Sekundärnutzung von Routinedaten aus der klinischen und pflegerischen Prozessdokumentation: Ein Rahmenkonzept, Vorgehensmodell und Leitfaden. Dissertationsschrift zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Dr. tech. der UMIT. Hall in Tirol, 2014.

Hackl WO, Ammenwerth E. SPIRIT - Systematic Planning of Intelligent Reuse of Integrated Clinical Routine Data. A Conceptual Best-Practice Framework and Procedure Model. Methods Inf Med 2016; 55(2).

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