PH-ELIM: Enhancement of study programs in Public Health, Health Management, Health Economics and Health Informatics in Montennegro



Erasmus Plus


 Project number: 573997-EPP-1-2016-1-ME-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP



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 2017 - 2020


Donja Gorica University, Podgorica, Montenegro

University of Heidelberg, Germany

University of Athens, Greece

University of Montenegro+

University of Debrecen, Hungary

Faculty for Business and Tourism Budva, Montenegro

Institute of Modern Technology Montenegro

Institute of Public Health Montenegro

Ministry of Education, Montenegro

Ministry of Health, Montenegro


Project members at IIG


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Medicine is currently undergoing a major revolution that is gradually transforming the nature of healthcare from reactive to preventive. The changes are catalyzed by a new systems approach to disease that have triggered the emergence of keeping people healthy and active, as this will in the long run have a positive impact on productivity and competitiveness. However, developing, managing and exploring integrated models of service delivery and cooperation across many sectors is challenging.

Montenegro is a small country facing rapid changes and development challenges in all areas that are relevant for societal progress and properity.

The goal of the project is to enhance the educational system in Monenegro in accordance with EU best practices, thus providing education of public health professionals making them highly skilled to create a sustainable and flexible health system in Montenegro.

The continual sustainable educational approach will be developed at all levels, from undergraduate to PHD, all adopted to specificities of Montenegro, including evidence-based approach through the National Platform for Education and Research in Public Health, with full support of national ministries in montenegro.

Finally, carefully selected raising awareness campaigns about health prevention and public health promotion will be implemented among Montenegro citizens.


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