PATIS - A patient safety intelligence system and framework
for the secondary use of multimodal clinical data
to assess and improve patient safety


FWF - Austrian Science Fund (P29076-N33)

Duration: 2016 - 2020

Department of Neurology, Medical University Innsbruck


Project member at UMIT

Elske Ammenwerth, Werner Hackl, Bogdan Ianosi, Renate Nantschev, Michael Schaller, Lukas Huber


Recent research found that medical errors occur quite often, with more patients dying from medical errors than from car crashes. Patient safety has thus gained broad attention, and health IT solutions have been proposed to support patient safety.
Yet the vision of patient safety informatics is still in its infancy, and universal and applicable concepts for integrated IT solutions for monitoring patient safety are still missing.

In this project, we will develop frameworks and concepts to advance the challenging and emerging area of patient safety. For this, we will use and extend earlier work on clinical intelligence systems and clinical routine data reuse.


Our objective is to develop a concept for a patient safety intelligence system. Our approach is based on the intelligent combination of three emergent scientific trends: Patient safety informatics, secondary use of clinical data, and indicator development. We will perform a clinical case study to validate and evaluate our concept.


We will build on the available SPIRIT framework for systematic planning of intelligent reuse of integrated clinical routine data, but tailor and extend it to address the needs of patient safety. We will integrate methodologies for indicator development, information needs analysis, system and process modelling, benchmarking and scorecards. We will specifically address ethical and legal issues.

The case study will be performed both in medical and nursing settings. We have cooperation partners at the Tirol Kliniken (the Tyrolean hospital holding) who are interested to participate in these case studies.


The project is starting at the moment.


v.l.n.r.: Prof. Dr. Erich Schmutzhart, Department of Neurology; Prof. Dr. Elske Ammenwerth, UMIT; PD Dr. Raimund Helbok, Department of Neurology; Ass.-Prof. Dr. Werner Hackl, UMIT.


Hackl WO, Ammenwerth E. SPIRIT - Systematic Planning of Intelligent Reuse of Integrated Clinical Routine Data. A Conceptual Best-Practice Framework and Procedure Model. Methods Inf Med 2016; 55(2), 114-124.

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