ICT can have a positive impact on health care, but there are also examples on the negative impact of ICT on efficiency and even outcome quality of patient care. Medical informaticians should feel responsible for the effects of ICT on patients and the public. Systematic analysis of ICT errors and failures is the precondition to be able to learn from negative examples and to design better health information systems.

The list below presents examples of reported incidents in healthcare where ICT was the cause or a significant factor. For each incident or problem, at least one link to a source will be provided. With the following list, we want to raise awareness on this important issue and provide information for further reading.

This summary was inspired by a citation of Prof. Chris Taylor found in the report "Pathways to Professionalism in Health Informatics" of the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions: "Bad Health Informatics can kill". We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Dr. G.M. Hayes (President, UK Council for Health Informatics Professions; Chairman, Health Informatics Committee of the British Computer Society; President, Primary Health Care Group of the BCS) in collecting those examples.

The collected examples can be found here: https://iig.umit.at/efmi/badinformatics.htm