Curricula for health IT evaluation courses

At MIE2014, the working group organized a workshop to present and discuss curricula for health IT evaluation courses. This is part of an intiative to develop recommendations for health IT evaluation course content. The discussions will be continued at MIE2015 and Medinfo2015.

Teachers that would like to have their course description published here are invited to submit their curricula to (please use the same structure as the descriptions below).

Here is an overview of the presented curricula:

Recommendations on How to teach health IT evaluation published

The recommendations describe scope and content for health IT evaluation courses on master and postgraduate level:

Ammenwerth E, de Keizer N, Brender J, Craven C, Eisenstein E, Georgiou A, Khairat S, Magrabi F, Nykänen P, Otero P, Rigby M, Scott P, Weir C. How to Teach Health IT Evaluation: Recommendations for Health IT Evaluation Courses. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2017;243:3-7.


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